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One-Stop e-Procurement Solution for Your Business.

We Save Time

Procure-web helps you be efficient, create a single RFQ and let the quotes come to you. Improve your time looking for Buyers, let the RFQs come to you

We are Secure

We provide you with the features to have all your information and transactions safe from external eyes, we do not sell or share your information.

Only the Best Quality

For your peace of mind all of our listed Buyers and Suppliers have been previously verified and are constantly rated.

How it works

An innovative e-procurement web application for businesses covering all purchasing needs for your business.

Create an RFQ

Fill up the RFQ template in your panel with all the information that your Suppliers will need to quote, select either to be displayed for all or select specific Suppliers.


Choose a Supplier

Once you receive and compare all the quotes, select the Supplier based on your criteria and the information given by Procure-Web. The work can be followed up in the Job Progress panel.


Rate the Supplier

After the work has been completed or the supplies received, rate the Supplier so that future Buyers like yourself will take advantage of the benefits from the platform.


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About us

Procure-web is a leading-edge procurement platform offering e-procurement solutions. Your enterprise will benefit from the reduction of wait time for quotations, increase the productivity of your procurement & purchasing team, reduction of time searching for qualified and trusted suppliers.

The platform was born from the need of making the process of buying goods and services more efficient, broadening the number of Suppliers that quote, tracking Suppliers performance for better selection and keeping in sight of ongoing procurement processes.

Companies currently use methods that are not fit-for-purpose (like excel sheets) to track their Suppliers, the data is not properly shared among departments which incur time-consuming exercises to add new Suppliers to approved lists. Feedback on the Supplier is never properly recorded leading to using badly rated or banned Suppliers in some cases. Procurement software embedded into EIS/MIS (if any) used is very different between companies and focuses more on the approvals process rather than on the quality of the selection and upkeep of the Suppliers.

We combine a solution for both Buyers and Suppliers, a platform to share the information required to put their needs on products and services and have verified Suppliers quote on them creating a transparent environment that promotes competition and efficiency to enhance the bottom line of your business by reducing time in receiving quotes and selecting the appropriate Supplier.


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