About us

Procure-Web is born from the need of making the process of procuring goods and services more efficient, broadening the number of quotations, tracking providers performance for better selection and keeping a tab of ongoing procurement processes.

The internet is full of Business to Consumer (B2C) and Consumer to Consumer (C2C) websites for all aspects of life, from buying electronics to clothes, groceries and second-hand items but the Business to Business (B2B) aspect has been left aside, letting each company manage it in their own way, method and software. The current atmosphere in the marketplace is to share information about the suppliers of goods and services (AirBnB® and alike) and that should not be limited only to people; business can benefit greatly from this as well.

Current mediums to find company information are broad: Google is a first place to do so but most small and medium business do not have a properly set website. The other alternatives are places like industry dedicated lists and directories which contain minimum information, outdated and incomplete or the Yellow Pages, again with similar issues. Phone numbers, email, and website are rarely monitored as they are more of a presentation card for future clients and not a potential money generating place.

Procure-Web.com gathers all these separate issues and combine them into a streamlined solution for both clients and providers, giving a platform to share the information required to put their needs on products and services and have authorized suppliers quote on them, creating a transparent environment that promotes competitivity, efficiency to enhance the bottom line of your business, reduce time in follow up, misplacing files of projects, etc…

Companies currently use methods that are not fit-for-purpose (like excel sheets) to track their providers, the data is not properly shared among departments which incur in time-consuming exercises to add new suppliers to approved lists. Besides this, feedback on the supplier is never properly recorded leading to using bad or even banned suppliers in some extreme cases. Procurement software embedded into EIS (if any) used is very different between companies and focuses more on the approvals process rather than on the quality of the selection and upkeep of the suppliers.

Procure-web is a small team with extensive experience in several industry roles, from administration to engineering in oil and gas as well as advertising.